Monthly Lunch Photos

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 held at the Stockpot

Coach MIke Clock, Steve Coan, Greg Rasmussen

Carl (Paulette Forshell's husband0, John Thomas and Coach Clock

Bill Blank and Paulette Fornshell Dethlefs (shooting into all the light in the windows is not good)

Greg Rasmussen, Jean Henderson Friend & Georgann Hedrick Gulley

Georgann Hedrick Gulley, Jan Henderson Cooper & Leslie Caire

Tuesday, May 3, 2016.  Held at O' Connors

Coach/teacher Mike Clock starts becoming a regular attendeesmiley

Back row:  John Thomas, a favorite waitress Lori. Bill Blank, Doug Jones, Bob Losli

Front row:  Coach Clock, Den Sivers, and Greg Rasmussen.

Back row:  Den Sivers, Steve Coan, John Thomas, Bill Blank, Doug Jones, Dale Buchanan, Susie Cake

Front row:  Mary Jardine, Coach Clock, Jean Speckman, Greg Rasmussen, Bob Losli

Tuesday, March 1, 2016 Lots of fun talking....

Doug Jones

Bill Blank, Jean Speckman, MR. Mike Clock (Math teacher, football coach who looks our age!) Hal Bayley, Mike Henniger

Den Sivers, Jean Speckman Eves, Doug Jones, Steve Coan, Bob & Pat Loslie, Mike Henniger, Steve Senders, Mike Clock, Hal Bayley, Sherry Martin Bateman



Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Another great turn out for lunch. Mike Clock didn't make it, but Ed Ramsdell did and unfortunately your photographer didn't even get him in a photo! 


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I am DEFINITELY NOT a photographer, but Karen Olson Piedmont (who recetly moved to Coeur D'Alene) suggested I post some photos from lunch so those unable to attend might see what goes on.  These are from lunch on May 5th and I apologize to all those attending for the terrible quality.  I should have had you pose and not try to do candids. I also apologize if I didn't get you in a photo but on the other hand, you might be happy after seeing the goofy looks on some people wink I think I can say we had a lot more fun than they indicate.  Our largest gathering so far with Dan McGuire coming from Maryland, Susie Cake Basey from Corvallis and Leslie Caire Meharry from Vancouver!  Rumor has it (since he was seen on all the networks) that Tad McCall was in town earlier in the week.  Too bad he couldn't make the lunch.  Someone, who "will remain nameless," recently emailed me that they thought the lunches sounded like a good idea but this person had not gone to grade school in the area and it seemed like everyone hooked up with their grade school friends and the person would feel left out.  I assured them that as we have gotten older we were all finding that not only had we forgotten people but we were making friends with people we really hadn't known when we were all in school and I was certain they would be warmly welcomed.  This nameless person surprised me by coming to lunch and their parting words were, "I'll be at the next lunch."  So, try to plan to give it a try.  You might also leave feeling like, you'll be at the next lunch!