Missing Classmates

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Connie Barackman (Tucker)
Carolyn B. Bingle
Mario P. Branco
Carol Brom (Smith)
Mike Cantrell
Rick Cate
Bonnie J Crane
Mary Ann Criteser
Carole Douglass
Len A. Downs
Stephen R. (Steve) Edens
Larry E. Forester
Ken E. Fredricks
Edna Galbraith (Lien)
Tom A. Gill
David Grey
Janet Helvey
Donna M. Hoeper (Anderson)
Ariel A. (Ann) Kenner
Kathryn Kolmayer
Daphne Krise
Tim LaFollette
Pam Larsen
Sally A. Lemon
Bob Lieffring
Mary Ann Lobenstein
Nancy K. Long (Morehouse)
Carin Lunzer (Feiler)
Elizabeth Malatich
Sheryl K Martin (Bateman)
Lawrence Mattson
Richard (Ricky) Morgan
Marie J. Neely
Mary L. Park
Peggy E. Peters
Douglas L. Potter
Pam D. Renwick
Jeri Ann Roullier
Dwight G. Rudd
Gloria Schlagel (Miller)
Andrea Smith
Dave Smith
Dorothy Smith
Leighton S. Smith
Lyla L. Smith
Sharon A. Smith (Fisher)
Sherry Smith (Blake)
Tom C. Smock
David Lee (Dave) Stark
Mike G. Stone
Stephen G. (Steve) Turner
James R. C. (Jim) Tyrrell
Marie C. VanVeen (Doyle)
Marilyn VanVeen (Kellogg)
Kathy Watson (Starr)
Julie Westerling
Janet (Jan) Wright (Taylor)

Guest Members

Molly Burke (English Teacher) (Scully)
Dianne McCord (Edwards Class Of '63)
Jean McDaniel (English Teacher)
Pat Polich (Latin Teacher/Counselor)
Terry Schumacher (Class Of '63) (I've…)