Sunset Class Social

Dear Sunset '62 Classmates,

I received a call from Bill Vinson, class of '61 webmaster.  He told me that some members of his class had suggested that we have a get together for members of the Classes of '61,'62, and '63 some time in August. The idea is to keep it simple.  So far the suggestion would be to have it in a park, possibly Gabriel Park where some of our classmates gathered last summer.  Rather than have everyone pack their own lunch, an idea is to see if a food cart, possibly pizza or sandwiches, could be there so classmates could purchase lunch and a beverage as well as wandering and socializing with each other.

In order to determine if people should go through with the planning we thought a questionnaire would be helpful. Please fill out the attached.  Even if you know you won't be attending in August please don't hesitate to give your ideas or opinions.



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1)   Do you see yourself attending this social sometime in August?

Yes No
2)   How do you see this social happening? Do you have a suggestion regarding a place to have this event?

3)   The food truck idea was made so that people could just pay for what they eat or drink and that way the only cost would be the space rental which would be divided between the 3 classes. What do you think would be a good idea for food.

4)   Do you have any other ideas or comments that you’d like to include?