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Helen (Susie) Carter Cline

Helen (Susie) Carter
Spouse/Partner: John Cline
Occupation: (If retired, what did you previously do?) Home Nursing
Are you willing to head up or join a planning planning committee for a 75th Reunion? Any ideas about this?

My first husband had an unmarried sister named Susan and we both went to Austin State. We used to get each other's grades. It became easier to use my 2nd middle name, Helen, but that didn't stick until '74. Now I use it almost exclusively, excepting only family and oldest friends.

Any suggestions to help us as we continue to age?

Arrived at HS out of a family that cherished and expected more of me. Took every art course there was and recognize that I'm dyslexic & A.D.D. Who knew? About 2 years later they began to recognize that. No wonder I could never remember anyone's name.

Have you recently found a new hobby, started doing activities that you previously haven't done?

Tai Chi, swim (aerobics now mostly). Used to fence, shoot archery.

Elementary School Attended:

Cedar Hills